Thursday, August 27, 2020

"Dining, design, and construction: Mushrooms are taking over startupland (Startups can’t get enough of our fungal friend)"

Is there Anything they can't do?
From The Hustle:
Do your peeps keep telling you they “know a guy” who’s growing mushrooms in quarantine?
Hold your side-eye. They might be buying from Smallhold, an organic farm that pivoted to delivering grow-your-own shroom kits when the pandemic hit.
There’s no magic here — but it’s just one example of how mushroom-inspired businesses are sprouting up everywhere. 

The fleshy foodstuff is a hot commodity 
Especially when it comes to sustainability:
  • One biomatter business, Ecovative, is using material from mushroom roots — called mycelium — to build dining chairs and desk lamps.
  • Ecovative makes mycelium packaging that looks and feels a bit like Styrofoam — but it decomposes in 30 days, compared to Styrofoam’s 500+ years.
  • Vogue thinks products like mushroom-based makeup sponges could fix fashion’s plastic-waste problem.
Chicken of the woods is about to be the chicken of your fridgeEcovative is turning the specialty shroom variety into a replacement for bacon.
According to the company, on a structural level, chicken of the woods actually looks a bit… beefy.
Another rival, Meati Foods, is grilling shroomy steaks — perhaps hoping they’re juicy enough to topple the likes of Impossible Foods....
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Of course there are a couple exceptions to the otherwise magical qualities of the fungus among us:
"Scientists advised against consuming hypersexual zombie cicadas infected with psychoactive fungus" 
Deaths Of 550,000 Confirm Which Mushrooms Are Okay To Eat 

Otherwise though, the fun little guys are quite amazing:
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