Thursday, August 27, 2020

Hurricane Laura Has Barely Made Landfall And Two More Disturbances Are Coming Off Africa

Two quick notes on the reported frequency of disturbances, invests, tropical depressions and tropical storms:
Thanks to ever-improving detection methods we now have reports of weather that in days of yore would have passed completely unnoticed, unless a system made landfall or your Spanish galleon full of loot was sunk.
And because of instantaneous worldwide communications a cyclone in the Andaman Islands can be observed by a billion people.
Because of this we try to avoid mentioning every storm that appears, unless and until it shows real potential for development. In this case, the intent is to bring awareness to these long-haul Cape Verde systems that become more frequent as we approach and pass the September 10 statistical peak of the Atlantic hurricane season.
First up, the National Hurricane Center:

And from meteorologist Ryan Maue, three days ago: