Thursday, August 27, 2020

Oil: Igor Sechin Is Very Proud Of Rosneft's Ultra-low Sulfur Goo

And looking at the cute little bottle I am reminded of an oil deal gone bad.
From The Barents Observer:

Finest drops of Arctic oil on Putin’s table
Simply fabulous quality, Rosneft leader Igor Sechin says as he gives the President a bottle of oil from his new Arctic project.
A bottle of Arctic oil for the President. Photo:
It contains only 0,02 percent of sulphur, Sechin says as he hands Vladimir Putin a small bottle of oil from the Zapadno-Irkinsky field.

It is the first oil extracted from one of the wells on site, Sechin explained in Tuesday’s meeting.
“This is premium-quality oil, among the best in the world, the best in the world,” he underlined. According to the oil company leader, Rosneft is now extensively involved in exploration activities in the Taymyr region

Vostok Oil
The development of the Zapadno-Irkinsky field is part of Rosneft’s new grand Arctic project Vostok Oil. If the company gets its way, this will be one of the biggest energy projects in the Arctic ever....

Actually it is a pretty big deal.