Sunday, August 23, 2020

"European leaders’ summer retreats, reviewed"

I'd have preferred ranked to reviewed but so it goes.
From Politico EU, August 20:
A glimpse into the guestbooks at some of Europe’s most important retreats. 
It’s summertime and the livin’ is … not easy.

European leaders, buffeted by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, are not enjoying the leisurely summer vacations they might have envisioned at the start of 2020.
Some, however, are still managing to relax in the August sunshine. Emmanuel Macron, for example, was pictured jet-skiing near Fort de Brégançon, the French president’s summer retreat.
That got us thinking: Who’s got the best summer residence? Read on for some exclusive reviews from regular guests.

Chequers, England
Sprawling country house. Wonderful place to recuperate. Not bad for parties either. | Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Fort de Brégançon, France
Luxurious isolated fortress. Easy access to water sports (we loved the jet-skis!), but too many photographers around. Would visit again. | President Emmanuel Macron

Harpsund, Sweden
I love the peace and solitude here. My friend Anders keeps, er, harping on about the benefits of vacationing with more people around, though. | Prime Minister Stefan Löfven