Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Hydrogen: "Rolls-Royce launches Power Lab unit to develop fuel cells, synthetic fuels"

From Offshore Energy, August 25:
British engineering major Rolls-Royce with its Friedrichshafen-based business Power Systems has set up a new organizational unit named Power Lab, which will focus on developing net-zero carbon drive and energy solutions for the marine and infrastructure sectors.
The company plans to put a strong emphasis on fuel cell systems and the production and deployment of synthetic fuels.

“We’ve made it our mission to leverage the trends we’re seeing in our markets by creating the new drive and energy solutions our customers are looking for which support a climate-neutral future. Therefore, it is essential that the development of our product portfolio is centered on new technologies which enable this future,” said Andreas Schell, CEO of Rolls-Royce Power Systems....

Rolls-Royce and Daimler (Lab1886) are  working together on stationary fuel cells.

From Diesel International:
Rolls-Royce and hydrogen. German feeling in the days of the Coronavirus
Technology group Rolls-Royce and Lab1886 have taken the first step in cooperation on the use of vehicle fuel cells for stationary power generation. Lab1886, the innovation unit of Mercedes-Benz within Mercedes-Benz AG, are supporting Rolls-Royce Power Systems in a pilot project for stationary fuel cell systems. On the basis of automotive fuel cells, a holistic concept for future sustainable and independent (emergency) power supply is to be developed in the coming months.

Rolls-Royce and hydrogen. For some people hydrogen is a mirage, for others a revolutionary perspective, for others a future built from the present. Hydrogen Roadmap Europe: A sustainable pathway for the European Energy Transition has been recently published. This study lays out a pathway for the large-scale deployment of hydrogen and fuel cells until 2050 and quantifies the associated socio-economic impacts. Germany certainly represents the European outpost such as Lab1886 can prove.
Rolls-Royce and hydrogen is a reality, indeed, such explained by MTU press office. The following communication dates back to the beginning of December 2019, but remains highly topical, due to discussions between the scientific community and the public about the correlation between virus spread and environmental conditions.

Lab1886 is an innovation lab within the Mercedes-Benz group, have taken the first step in cooperation on the use of vehicle fuel cells for stationary power generation. A pilot project has now been agreed between the Rolls-Royce business unit Power Systems, which produces solutions under the MTU brand name, and Lab1886. Over the coming months, Rolls-Royce will develop an integrated MTU solution for sustainable off-grid generation of continuous and emergency power using vehicle fuel cells, focused on safety-critical applications such as data centers.
MTU generator sets from Rolls-Royce are already in service at numerous data centers worldwide, providing emergency power when needed to safeguard global internet traffic. To date, these generator sets have been diesel-engine based, but fuel cells could be a valid alternative. The pilot project will begin early next year (editor’s note:  and will include the construction of an emergency power plant for Rolls-Royce’s data center in Friedrichshafen. The plant will be based on fuel cell modules built by Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cell. Mercedes-Benz has developed expertise in hydrogen-powered electric vehicles through its work on many generations of vehicle, while Rolls-Royce has long-standing experience of fuel cell systems using other technologies....

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