Wednesday, August 19, 2020

"Bugatti Now Delivering Its $5.9M Divo Hypercar"

From American Luxury:

In its newest resurrected form, automaker Bugatti is a designer and builder of collector’s exotics, with each model giving way to the next in the brand’s evolution. In turn, the Veyron and Chiron have been retired as the company develops new ideas and sets about building another icon. And, as the first deliveries of the latest Bugatti, the Divo begin, the company is already looking forward to a new expression of luxury and power.

The Divo, which was unveiled in pre-production form back in 2018, is the latest in the progression. The car is outfitted with Bugatti’s W16 engine—the same power plant that pushed the Veyron and the Chiron—but the design language is a bit less stylized. It was also the priciest of the nouveau Bugatti models, coming in at about $5.5 million, depending on exchange rates, as Bugatti’s suits tweak their marketing to discover just exactly what the traffic will bear....MORE