Thursday, June 25, 2020

"Wirecard Scandal Could Give Fintech a Bad Name"

I've been giggling for the last 24 hours.
It's a manly giggle but it is starting to draw unwanted attention.

Ever since I first saw the above Bloomberg headline, I remember it, I say to myself "Ya think?" and the giggles start.
Here's the article if you're interested but the story isn't really the point: "Wirecard Scandal Could Give Fintech a Bad Name"

The point is, I may be losing it.
Because when I'm not thinking of strange Bloomberg headlines* I'm thinking of this:

The latest "botched" art restoration out of Spain that we looked at on Tuesday..
How, if the story were true, how the owner would have felt upon presentation of the "restoration" in March.
And the pride the restorer must have felt with the June unveiling.

But then reality intrudes and I think this is a scam, they create a spurious backstory, get worldwide attention, and start selling the images on T-shirts or whatever:
Initial investment for the print (for that is what it is) €1,200.
And why think this?
Because of the link we placed under the "Monkey Christ" restoration:
Spanish art restorer, 82, who turned Jesus into a 'hairy monkey' in clumsy restoration of famous work signs merchandising deal as image gets imprinted on T-shirts
That's the Daily Mail if you can't tell from their headline style.
So though the story of the botched Madonna with the... ahem, is still funny it's not the same any more.
On the other hand:
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