Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Today in Kale: Live and Learn

Last Wednesday, in "Do the Mycorena" there was a line:
...The new investment round attracted investors from FBG Invest, Bertebos Foundation, Falkenbergs Sparbanks Foundation, investors from GlassWall Syndicate and the company’s existing investors, Bånt AB, Plantbase Foundation and Kale United AB....
which sounded for all the world like a vegetarian football club.

As it turns out it really is an investment firm, here's their portfolio

But that misperception set me on a journey of discovery beginning with a visit to the hitherto unknown veganconomist, publisher of such articles as "Justin Trudeau Announces $100M for Canadian Plant-Based Industry, Will Produce “World’s Highest Purity and Highest Quality” Proteins to 'Redefine Plant Protein'", which, although wordier than our preferred headline, contains a large enough number to attract one's attention.

From there it was on to "The Strange Mystery Of Who Made Kale Famous ... And Why" at mindbodygreen which linked to "Meet the Woman Who Made Kale Famous" at Paper Magazine.

Who knew?
Well besides the folks who wrote (and read) the stories, who knew?