Saturday, June 27, 2020

Where There's A Will: How A $0 Budget Horror Film Made Over Zoom Became The #1 Movie In America

From Patch-Westhampton, June 17:

How A Filmmaker Got The #1 Movie In America During A Pandemic
Yes, movie theaters are still closed. But one enterprising filmmaker has the No. 1 film in the US. And his story is better than any script.
WESTHAMPTON BEACH, NY — An enterprising young Long Island filmmaker had the No. 1 movie in America last week — despite theaters being closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. And the story of how he did it is a reminder that happily-ever-after endings don't always happen on just the silver screen.

Christian Nilsson, of Westhampton Beach, posted on Facebook this week about an idea so brilliant it just might, well, be a good plot for a movie.
"Want to hear something absurd?" he wrote. "Last week, I had the #1 movie in America."

Opportunity is everywhere.