Thursday, June 25, 2020

Hydrogen: Nikola Is Showing Signs Of Becoming A Cult Stock, Be Careful Shorting (NKLA)

$25 billion market cap companies with $0.00 revenues are definitely NOT our kind of investment but there are a couple reasons to fear that the stock could kill you if you go short.

First and probably most important is the price action the last 30 hours. The fact the stock didn't get hammered when the DJIA was down 710 yesterday and over 200 this a.m. is a strong sign that current holders won't get shaken out until the realization of what they actually own sinks in.
And that can take a while.

The present value of future dreams would price NKLA at maybe $15 - $20 as a lottery ticket on hydrogen but here it is trading hands at 3.5 - 5 times that value.

The other reason to be wary is talk like this out of the investment banks/brokers:

Nikola on road to 'disrupt transportation,' JP Morgan says 
—MarketWatch, June 22

Nikola Is 'More Than a Trucking Company,' Says Cowen
—TheStreet, June 17

Keeping in mind that Nikola hasn't done anything.

On the other hand it has been suggested the blog purloin the "more than a..." formulation.

Maybe "Climateer Investing, more than a blog, it's a lifestyle."

Merchandising moolah, here we come.

And spin-offs. and tie-ins. Hollywood, Broadway, and, dare I say, Climateer The Musical
"five, six, seven, eight: We're in the money"
Jazz hands...

Hey, if the NKLA punters can dream....
$73.77, down 42 cents last.
One positive for shorts, it is still expensive to borrow the stock, cost-to-borrow being an inverse indicator over time, more on that next week