Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Despite His Support Of Slavery The Statue of Roman Emperor Constantine Will Remain in York

That's Constantine the Great, not to be confused with his father Constantine the Pretty Good.
Senior died in York and Junior was acclaimed Emperor in York so it's somewhat understandable there's a statue outside the big church to the guy who quit with the 'Let's send some Christians to fight lions' schtick.

From Yorkshire Live, June 30:
Constantine the Great statue will remain despite Church of England review of monuments
The review was launched in response to the Black Lives Matter movement

The statue of Constantine the Great at York Minster is not under threat – but the Church of England has launched a review of all their monuments in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.
A spokesperson for the Minster said the statue of the former Roman emperor in Minster Yard is not under threat – despite reports in national media.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has said the Church of England will look at statues 'very carefully' to see if they should be there....MORE
Meanwhile in St. Louis Missouri some guy named Umar Lee is leading protests demanding the removal of a statue of the city's namesake, King Louis IX who is a pretty big deal for both Catholics and the French in general, being the only French King raised to sainthood.

I know enough about the history to be able to riff on Capetians vs Carolingians but I couldn't remember how far back Louis IX lived.
The 1200's Mr. Lee.
The freakin' 1200's 

Via his Facebook page
Umar Lee
This statement is inadequate, ineffectual, and hurtful. It does nothing to address the antisemitism and Islamophobia of Louis IX. Nor does it address the issue that local Catholics are in alliance with White Nationalists and the alt-right in defense of the statue. Take it down!

So now he's going to go protest the Archbishop:

House Vist To Archbishop Mitchell Rozanski

· Hosted by Umar Lee
  • Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at 1:00 AM CDT
    Starts in about 1 hour21°C Partly Cloudy
  • 4510 Lindell Blvd, St Louis, MO 63108-2002, United States
12 Going · 18 Interested
This Saturday we held a successful rally with over 200 people calling for the removal of the King Louis IX statue in Forest Park due to his violent, antisemitic, Islamophobic, and anti-black legacy. To continue the momentum of that great event in which we successfully ran off White Nationalists we will attempt to meet with the new Archbishop of the St. Louis Archdiocese and ask him to help to mediate and diffuse the situation by buying the monument from the city and putting it on private church property. The date and time listed here isn't the exact date and time. Sign up to attend and you will later be advised.

In the meantime please sign-up to canvas and lobby your member of the Board of Alderman on the issue.
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