Sunday, January 5, 2020

"Lone wolf in Belgium gets potential love interest"

No, not that kind of lone wolf, this is about woodlands, not Molenbeek.
From the Guardian:

Potential female mate spotted in habitat of wild male in east of country 
A lone wolf in Belgium has a love interest, after a potential female mate was spotted in his habitat in the east of the country, authorities have said.

The Flemish Agency for Nature and Forests (ANB) revealed this week the first images of a she-wolf it has christened Noëlla, who was spotted in the north-eastern province of Limbourg, bordering the Netherlands.

The agency said she was in the same habitat as August, a male who was seen “acting like a solitary wolf” after the “virtually certain” death of Naya, a female wolf who had been carrying cubs and receiving food from him.

Posting nocturnal images of Noëlla on its Facebook page, the ANB said her arrival in August’s habitat was great news, adding that the wolf mating season was in February: “That makes dreams for 2020!”...

Let's hope these kids hook up.
Despite some rather dark cultural memory Europe seems ready for the wolfies to make a comeback.