Wednesday, January 22, 2020

FrankenFish: "AquaBounty unveils 50,000 tonne target"

Be careful with this stuff.
As we pointed out in a September post:
Almost 9,000 Tuna Escaped From Spanish Fish Farm During the Storm
This is exactly why you don't want our finny farmed friends anywhere near their wild cousins.
Yes, it was a big storm but that is no excuse. You have a population with exposure to one set of pathogens, and a developed resistance to same, mixing with a population that has no resistance and you end up killing the free-range critters.
That's not even looking at the GMO varieties we were ranting about a couple weeks ago....
The GMO fish were AquaBounty  And though the company says it is taking all precautions, I imagine along the lines of air-gapping computer servers so there is no connection to the outside world, be careful please. If you have transgenic fish mixing with the natural type you have no idea what the real-world implications of such contamination would be.

From The Fish Site, January 17:
AquaBounty has announced plans to produce 50,000 tonnes of transgenic salmon annually by 2027 as it bids to raise $9.2 million from investors.
Outlining the company’s goals in a bid to attract investment the company revealed a “near-term business plan… to construct and operate four to five new, land-based RAS farms in North America at locations close to consumer consumption” at the cost of $75 million to $100 million per farm.
The company has a long way to go – its current locations in Rollo Bay, Prince Edward Island and Indiana have the capacity to produce 250 tonnes and 1,200 tonnes respectively. The first harvests from these facilities are expected in the fourth quarter of 2020, and the second quarter of 2020 respectively.....


Here Come the Frankenfish: GMO Salmon Coming to a Store Near You
They absolutely must not allow these things to get anywhere near ocean salmon (or Great Lakes salmon for that matter).
And though the writer takes a blithely upbeat look at this development, we are posting it for information purposes only....
And in completely unrelated news, from the journal Nature:
Transgenic Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes Transfer Genes into a Natural Population