Monday, January 27, 2020

Meanwhile at the Church of the Perpetually Offended

Under the FT Alphaville story "Coronavirus is good for bitcoin" we find these comments:
Occupy till I die
slow news day?

Dr P
In reply to Occupy till I die.
gotta have something to talk about until the TSLA results
Only the hottest takes on what could possibly be a deadly this what we pay a subscription for? What a joke.
Izabella Kaminska
This is not a hot take on a deadly pandemic. This is part of our extended hot take on bitcoin. 
Izabella Kaminska
P.S you do realise this is a critique? XXXX is good for bitcoin is a meme. 
Anonimouse in particular but the other two as well should heed the words of Abraham Lincoln (attributed):
"Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt"
I can't begin to imagine what they would think of our (purloined) unofficial tagline, iterated  a few hundred times:
...As amateur scribblers we are adherents of the WaPo's Joel Aschenbach's dictum:

...When in doubt, go with the most hysterical headline.
(Rule one of blogging is that the End Of The World will be good for page views.)
Joel Achenbach, Washington Post
-World War Five
posted while playing R.E.M.

And dancing the Apocalypto (or a nice Danse Macabre)
The Dance of Death (1493) by Michael Wolgemut, from 
the Nuremberg Chronicle of Hartmann Schedel
Take that Mr. A. Mouse