Friday, January 24, 2020

Emergency Construction: China's Wuhan To Build 1,000 Bed Hospital THIS WEEK

Please note tabloid caps in headline.
From The Sun:
Updated: 24 Jan 2020, 15:21

China rush-building 1,000-bed hospital in just 10 DAYS to contain Wuhan coronavirus outbreak
CHINESE officials are rushing to build a 1,000-bed hospital in a matter of days in the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak as crowds are swarming the hospitals.

Images from Wuhan show construction diggers and workers on a massive plot of soil laying down the foundation for a makeshift hospital dedicated to treating patients struck down with the deadly virus.
... Wuhan authorities say the hospital will be completed by February 3.
They said it will be on a 270,000 square-foot lot and will be modelled after the makeshift Xiaotangshan SARS hospital in Beijing that was built in 2003.
The SARS hospital was built from scratch in 2003 in just six days to treat an outbreak of a similar respiratory virus that had spread from China to more than a dozen countries and killed about 800 people.
The hospital featured individual isolation units that looked like rows of tiny cabins.....MORE