Tuesday, May 28, 2019

"Ikea will soon have a meatless version of its iconic meatball"

This is probably a better idea than the last time the meatballs made an appearance on the blog:

"CMA CGM Partners with IKEA to Test Marine Biofuel On Board Containership"
My first thought on seeing the headline was that CMA CGM would be using waste meatball drippings from IKEA to upgrade from high-sulfur bunker fuel which got me thinking of land based conveyances and...
...then I got hungry.

From what I understand, the stories of cars converted to run on waste restaurant oil smelling like chips, fries,  frites etc and getting every dog in the neighborhood straining on their leashes are not true which seems a pity.....
From Fast Company:

As part of the company’s sustainability push, you’ll be able to get a fake meat version of your favorite furniture-shopping snack.
In a year, Ikea sells roughly a billion meatballs. Along with the Billy bookcase, the food is one of the company’s most iconic products. But it plans to soon begin selling an increasing number of “meatballs,” made from plants rather than beef and pork.
The company launched a veggie ball–one that is visibly made from vegetables–in 2014. But the new meatless meatball in development now will follow the path of other products, like the Impossible Burger, designed to mimic meat so closely that they might be mistaken for the real thing.

“What we would like to do is to create an alternative for the typical meat eater that still has a craving for meat,” says Michael La Cour, managing director at Ikea Food Services. “Let’s say, a flexitarian that knows too much meat consumption is not always the best, and I want to do my part, but on the other hand, I love the taste and texture of meat. These are the people that we would like to create an alternative for.”...

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Today in Umlauts: Hästkött (Swedes love it)
The untold story of the Ikea meatball scandal is that Swedes love horse meat
It's tough to stomach, but Ikea is the latest big-name food maker to be felled by the no-it-isn't-beef-it's-horse-meat-scandal that is quickly spreading across Europe. Czech authorities alerted the discount furniture maker that they had found horsemeat in a sample of meatballs, and Ikea subsequently pulled the product from stores in 14 countries.

Ikea is of course outraged and put out a strongly worded statement... 
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Today in Umlauts: "Journey into the heart of Ikea"
This store is 10.46 acres (over 4 hectares) under roof.

From Curbed:

How 12 hours in the biggest Ikea in the U.S. destroyed my soul
The country’s largest Ikea opened in Burbank, California, last month. At 456,600 square feet, twice the size of, and one mile away from, the old Burbank Ikea, this new store offers a lot more of everything people have come to expect from the brand: More inspirational showrooms, more lingonberries, more Billy bookcases. But how much is too much Ikea?...
...10:08 a.m. umlauts: 11 fights: 0
Ikeas are laid out "the long natural way": One is supposed to wind semi-aimlessly through the aisles. In every store, the first section of this labyrinth consists of model rooms from model homes, where unseen model people live model lives. Little boxes made of ticky-tacky, etc. Each room is planned at Ikea HQ by a designer, complete with biographies of the people who inhabit them. Cabinets are filled with Ikea-brand pens and pencils, magazine organizers are labeled, and closets are hung with discontinued clothes from Target....