Tuesday, May 21, 2019

When Academics Get Giddy: Uber Edition (UBER)

Professor Sanjukta Paul is one of the big brains quoted in Jalopnik's piece on Uber, below.
Here are a couple of her tweets:
History of the law of vertical restraints! Swoon!

She seems like a nice person, her thread begins:

Our earlier link to the Jalopnik piece.
The Legal Argument That Could Destroy Uber (UBER)

Keep in mind this is still just a legal theory, it hasn't yet been tested in court but it sure is a common-sensical reading of the laws.
Not that that always matters but still, a good start.

A decent trial lawyer could get a lot of mileage out of the self-serving contradictions in Uber's various arguments.
Throw in a reference or two to shape-shifting and the litigator should be able to get the jury thinking "Ewww" every time the name Uber is mentioned and, well there you go.