Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Today In Holograms: Whitney Houston To Go On Tour, Possible Broadway Musical In The Works

From Rolling Stone:

Whitney Houston Hologram Exec Talks ‘Cinematic’ Plans for 2020 Show 
A full band, backup singers and dancers will complement hologram in An Evening With Whitney, says Base Hologram CEO Brian Becker
After years of safeguarding the legacy of Whitney Houston, the late singer’s estate – led by her sister-in-law Pat Houston – announced big plans for the singer on Monday, thanks to a publishing deal that could spawn an album of unreleased music, a Broadway musical and, for the second time, a hologram dedicated to the legendary singer.

Soon after news of the Houston estate’s plans, Rolling Stone spoke to BASE Hologram CEO Brian Becker, whose company will create the Houston hologram, about the upcoming stage show, tentatively titled An Evening With Whitney: The Whitney Houston Hologram Tour.

In addition to the hologram, the concert experience will feature “a complete band onstage, backup singers, dancers, etcetera,” Becker says. “We will substantially increase our use of the creative elements that are available to us with this technology because it is cinematic, which means we can do animation and special effects to really enhance the show.”

The burgeoning hologram industry doesn’t have the most dependable track record with bringing late icons to the stage. For every Ronnie James Dio and Frank Zappa – two deceased artists whose digital visages now entertain audiences on hologram tours – there are dozens of holograms that don’t make the leap to actual illusions: Promised world tours from the holograms of Liberace, Selena and Patsy Cline never materialized, the ballyhooed comedy club featuring the holograms of late stand-up comedians never opened and planned holograms for artists ranging from the Notorious B.I.G. and Tammy Wynette never appeared. ...

The Guardian has more on the Broadway project:
Whitney Houston hologram tour, album and Broadway show planned

Until last Saturday I was not familiar with the "burgeoning hologram industry":
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Which was followed on Monday with:
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Now I'm seeing them everywhere.