Monday, May 27, 2019

Ha! The FT's Keohane & Cie Has Been Working The Nissan-Renault Fiat Chrysler Beat

On May 18 the question on everyone's lips was "Where In the World Is David Keohane? 'BNP Paribas rolls out hologram projection technology'" in which yours truly noted:
...The Keohane tweet looks legit, short, punchy, slightly bemused. I think it is Mr. K. tweeting.
On the other hand, after disappearing from the pages of the FT for a month we see ten stories since May 12 on his FT stream page. And oddly enough the first of these, "Nissan’s parable of shoddy governance" is actually bylined 'Leo Lewis in Tokyo' and although Mr. Keohane has become a prime source for the Renault end of the Ghosn débâcle he also covers the big French banks....
Well today we see:
—Apologies to Mr. Massoudi, corporate finance and M&A editor at the FT and Peter Campbell, auto industry correspondent  for making them part of the 'et Cie' but as has been said: "You dance with the one who brung ya".

Here's the latest:
Fiat Chrysler proposes €33bn merger with Renault
Combined entity would become the world’s third-largest carmaker

With a couple of the earlier deal stories, including the May 25 scoopage at Mr. K's FT stream page.