Monday, May 20, 2019

This is not the BNP Paribas Holographic Banker Video

We left Saturday's Where In the World Is David Keohane? "BNP Paribas rolls out hologram projection technology" with the note:
"There is supposedly a video to go with the p.r. but I didn't see it on the press release or at L’Atelier BNP Paribas."
Then yesterday Tim Knight at Slope of Hope posted "Life After Google" which had this vignette from "Silicon Valley":

Close but no cigar. I will keep an eye out for the BNP Paribas vid and will link if it appears.

And somehow related to all this, on Thursday Virtual Reality purveyor Magic Leap acquired Belgium's Mimesys which is the company that makes the hologram platform BNP Paribas is adopting.
Terms were not disclosed in this short note at TechCruch so I do not know if they paid "twenty million fucking dollars," although TechCrunch did say:
"The team is joining Magic Leap but will continue to service their enterprise clients, including BNP Paribas and Orange, according to their website. The startup first showed off their video conferencing tech at CES this year, which allows someone in a Magic Leap One headset to visualize a 3D representation of a person during a “video” call.
Volumetric video can be fairly fickle..."
And not being familiar with Mimesys  I pronounced it Mime-sys, which triggered a recollection of 2018's "'Smart Condom' Tracks Thrust Speed and Velocity and Lets you Share the Data" and my use of an obscure word for a psychological state:
i.Con? Is that one of them psychomimes? (not to be confused with a Psycho Mime—the silent killer)
which is a long way for a short yuck.
Watch the video if you have time, it is much funnier.