Thursday, July 5, 2018

"Startup Spotlight: For $499 per month, this startup will fold laundry, sort mail, deliver packages and perform other chores around the home"

From GeekWire:
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If you’re already getting groceries delivered, dry cleaning picked up, and a dog walker on call 9-to-5 for Fido, you might be ready for the next step: a personal home manager.

At least that’s the bet from a new Seattle startup called HeyThrivy, which offers a monthly service in which an assigned personal assistant will run unlimited errands and do countless tasks for you. That includes chores such as delivering packages to the post office, helping arrange travel plans, and scheduling home repairs and yard work with vetted contractors.

HeyThrivy’s basic package is $499 a month and includes one 60-minute home visit each week, which is when the manager picks up and delivers items and can perform light chores like sorting mail and folding laundry. The $650 package includes a 90-minute weekly visit and the option of dropping off and picking up automobiles for repairs or detailing.

The company launched in August 2017 by co-founders Dianna Winegarden and Danna Redmond — both of whom worked in technology for many years, with longer stints at Microsoft.

The 5-person startup enters a competitive arena that is perhaps best defined by the online marketplace TaskRabbit, which last week announced plans to cut its service fee in half in order to attract more customers. Those who survived the dot-com days in the Seattle area may also recall the now-defunct, which similarly tried to make life easier for time-crunched worker bees with an errand running service.

HeyThrivy also competes against traditional personal assistants, paid on an hourly basis or salary....MUCH MORE
"Family Offices as the Apex Of the New Butler Class"

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