Monday, July 2, 2018

Speaking of Giant Swiss Exporters: "NESTLÉ NOT LIVING UP TO ITS POTENTIAL"—Third Point

This is the one I was thinking of in the earlier post on the CHF even though in the larger scheme of things they are so multinational that actual exports from Switzerland aren't that big.

From Dan Loeb's Third Point Management:

#Nestlé NOW 
JULY 2018
  • Nestlé has been too slow to react to significant changes across the consumer products industry given structural issues around strategy, portfolio, and organization, and thus operates far below its potential
  • CEO Mark Schneider has acknowledged the need for improvement, but pace and magnitude of change seem insufficient and reflect Nestlé’s staid, sometimes sclerotic, culture and tendency toward incremental improvements
  • Nestlé is losing market share across its categories to both smaller, more nimble competitors and larger, more focused competitors
  • As a result, financial performance has been weak and shares have underperformed...
...MUCH MORE ( 34 page PDF)