Saturday, July 7, 2018

Meanwhile, In Chicago...

The big news today was the Father Phleger march on the Dan Ryan Expressway -against gun violence - but as usual the folks who tune in to their police scanners and live-tweet are the real entertainment.

Check it out:
Just so you know, that hashtag focuses on the goofy more so than the gory.

Northbound Dan Ryan is completely closed from 79th to 67th due to the  

Cars pulling over on the left shoulder in the s/b lanes of the Dan Ryan to take pictures of the protest.

Caller says they're smoking marijuana in the backyard.
Just don't smoke it in the boy's room. That's not allowed.

Nazi Rebroadcast on radio, is this the ? What — Is —GOING—ON?
An unauthorized audio transmission over Chicago police radio Wednesday night seems to be a partial rebroadcast of a Hitler speech from a 1935 Nazi propaganda film, an expert said. Full transmission here:

At the call of a child misbehaving in the street: "This guy is not a child. He's born in '77. He's behaving like a child, but other than that, everything's good here."

The caller is very concerned about her sister because she has not been active on Facebook in 15 hours.

Caller says a male Hispanic in a white Jeep is holding a cat, and he's doing not-so-nice things to the cat.

Caller says he's having stomach pains because he stabbed himself in the stomach and his guts are hanging out.

001: 25 E Randolph A male is bothering everyone walking by

Street stop.
Dispatcher: "Can you spell that first name again for me?"
Cop: "Tom Union Tom Eddie Nora King Henry Adam Mary Eddie Nora"
Analysis: If you're going to name your kid after an Egyptian pharaoh, please spell it correctly.

Caller says a female overdosed in the home and the people in the home are trying to figure out what to do with her body

Caller says an unknown man approached him in a parking lot and said he would "unleash the dragon and he didn't want to know what would happen."

123/Halsted: a call of a kidnapping just occurred, caller can hear someone in the back of a truck banging loudly.

A call of a port-o-potty on fire. 💩 🔥

20h20 hours ago
The dumpster fire is finally out

No it's not, it never ends. #ChicagoScanner