Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tesla Analyst "Almost Certain" The next Gigafactory Won't be in France — or Any Other European Country (TSLA)

Although far from being a deal breaker one thing the Nevada location had was lithium supplies almost in its backyard, something none of the European locations can claim.
From Benzinga:
Analyst: Tesla's GigaFactory 3 Will Be Built In Texas - Not France
France's government is currently pitching Tesla Motors Inc's CEO Elon Musk to open a Gigafactory in the European country.

According to a Bloomberg report, Michel Sapin, France's economy minister toured Tesla's production facility in Fremont, California, and personally made the case with the company's executives.

Sapin tweeted on Friday a picture of his visit and wrote that it is essential to encourage the use of electric vehicles.

Analyst: Not Happening
Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research commented in a report over the weekend that he is "almost certain" the next Gigafactory won't be in France — or any other European country — at least for not the next two years.

Chowdhry cited a research report he wrote on January 6, which he wrote following a tour of the Gigafactory and the surrounding area. He reported Musk will be a "very close confident" to President-elect Donald Trump. Together, the two will play a role in "making USA manufacturing sexy again."

Musk will help create a new vision of rethinking, reinventing and reinvigorating the manufacturing sector. In fact, Musk was expected to meet with the president-elect for the second time on January 6, although the billionaire executive was said to have met with Trump's close adviser Steve Bannon instead and details of the meeting remain unknown....MORE
I don't know Mr. Chowdhry but he sure does seem to get himself a lot of press.
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