Tuesday, January 31, 2017

"NY Times biz desk undergoing reorganization"

From TalkingBizNews, Jan. 30:
The New York Times business news desk is undergoing a reorganization as part of the newspaper’s broader overhaul.

Here is an email from business editor Dean Murphy on Monday to the staff explaining some of the changes so far:
You’ve read the 2020 report. You’ve listened to Dean’s Q/A sessions. You’ve seen our multiple job postings.

So what does this all mean for you and BizDay?

As we embrace new ways of storytelling and presenting the work that we do, business journalism at The Times remains purposeful, poignant and relevant. We investigate, explain, and, ultimately, serve. We break news, make news, and tell stories that are essential and that shape the conversation.

Already, readers look to us to sort through the background noise, to make sense of complex subjects and to be truthful and fair. (There is no better example than our contributions to the Trump coverage in recent days.) Now we are examining the ways we reach and engage our readers, and the priorities we set for our journalism. Business is a vital ecosystem that is forever evolving, and we are evolving with it, bringing our authority and deep expertise with us, and also our creativity and responsiveness to change.

To this end, we’re in the middle of a substantial reorganization that has been in the works for some months now. Not all of the pieces are in place, but there is much to report (so apologies for the length of this note):
  1. We remain excited about and committed to developing our core areas of coverage: finance, tech, media and economics.
Even as we talk about adjusting to a smaller newsroom, we’ve demonstrated this commitment in recent months by adding amazing muscle to our domestic and global staffs with the hiring of Kate Kelly, Jesse Drucker, Sui-Lee Wee, Dai Wakabayashi, Sapna Maheshwari, and Peter Goodman, as well as welcoming back (favorite son and daughter) Charles Duhigg and Jessica Silver-Greenberg. In addition, we are also actively recruiting for an economics editor and seven newly authorized staff positions in tech.
  1. As the broader newsroom becomes more organized around themes, some of our BizDay reporting colleagues and their beats are moving elsewhere:


Here's "The Report of the 2020 Group" at the NYT.