Tuesday, January 10, 2017

David Plouffe Leaves Uber, Joins Chan-Zuckerberg Philanthropy

From The Hill:
Uber executive and former Obama aide David Plouffe has joined Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan's philanthropic group.

Plouffe, who managed President Obama’s 2008 campaign, announced Tuesday that he would lead policy and advocacy work for the nonprofit Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

“My job will be to find creative ways to lift the voices of those who want to build a better future – no matter where they live, their background or their ideology,” Plouffe wrote in a Facebook post announcing the move.

Plouffe had most recently been serving as a chief adviser at Uber. He said Tuesday he will remain on the board for the ridesharing company.

Zuckerberg and Chan are also forming a public policy advisory board composed of former government officials and experts, a move to beef up the couple’s Washington presence and expand their philanthropic impact.

Kenneth Mehlman, who managed President George W. Bush’s 2004 reelection campaign, will lead the board....MORE
From the outro to  "Uber Hires A Bunch More Politicians":
For those playing along outside the U.S., Mr. Plouffe was the architect of President Obama's successful 2008 presidential campaign and continued working for the administration, first as an outside consultant and then as a highest-level advisor until he joined Uber in 2014.  

Now where will I go for set-ups like:

Uber Accuses NYC Of Snooping On Its Passengers: "They Want Full Details Of Every Trip You Ever Take"
I don't care who you are, David Plouffe, Kalanick, whoever, that accusation, coming from Uber, is funny.
Granted, not as funny as...