Tuesday, July 5, 2016

North Korea's Kim Jong-un 'Binge Eating and Drinking' to Cope with Assassination Fears


From International Business Times:
The youngest son of Kim Jong-il has alarmed his aides by gaining 30kg (66lb, 4st 10lb) in weight in the four years of his rule as North Korean leader. He has piled on the pounds and lives in fear of assassination, according to a report by South Korea's spy agency.

Kim's gorging on food and drink is said to help him cope with the strain of being at the helm of North Korea. His weight has increased from 90kg to 120kg in 2014, the South Korean National Intelligence Service (NIS) report revealed to a parliamentary committee.

"He keeps a close tab on any potential threats to his power, including the military, and he is obsessed with ensuring his personal safety," Lee Cheol-woo, a member of South Korea's ruling party said, citing intelligence reports. "Because of his habitual binge eating and drinking, he is likely to develop adult [lifestyle] diseases."

Details submitted to International Trade Centre reveal that the dictator spent £150,000 ($200,000) on whisky from Denmark, Germany and Georgia. He also spent £134,000 on scallops from China and £65,000 on imported cheeses from countries including Russia and Italy.

Concerns over Kim's health were raised in 2014, with speculation that he was suffering from gout or diabetes when he was seen limping. This was denied by his close aides....MORE