Monday, May 9, 2016

Whoa!! Germany's Rocket Internet May Not Be Valued Correctly

I'm starting to think the writer is dubious of Rocket's promise premise.
The stock is at 19.08 euros.
The company priced its IPO at 42.50 euros on October 1, 2014.

From FT Alphaville:

A Stick Internet update
Rocket really is coming back to earth, moving 4.66 per cent closer at pixel…
It’s a wonder Monday’s damage was not greater, given that Rocket Internet’s founding Samwer brothers seem to have fallen out with their biggest financial backer.

Lorenzo Grabau, chief executive of Swedish digitally-focused investment fund Kinnevik, and his colleague Erik Mitteregger, are leaving Rocket’s board, supposedly to avoid any conflicts of interest. Kinnevik still holds 13 per cent of Rocket and has co-invested in several of the German company’s incubated start-ups....MORE
The headline at Reuters is:
Rocket Internet investors need to think long-term -founder 
And that was the point where Mr. Climateer told the investment policy committee the trade had become an investment.


March 26, 2016
"It Is Obvious FT Alphaville Does Not Understand Rocket Internet (RKET:GR)"
That was our headline story a year ago today.
Rocket is the little Berlin-hipster corporate-knockoff-making machine that thinks of itself as an incubator and says stuff like:

"Our proven winners generated aggregated net losses of €442 million" ($568 million)
-Rocket Internet prospectus via "How Do You Say 'Dot-Com Crash' in German?"

And they get no love from FTAV.

 Proven winners, bub.

The stock was down 5.83% on Thursday, to 23.14 euros.
We've been checking in on Rocket since 2014's "Climateer Line of the Day: Venture Capital Economy Edition" which had the prospectus quote.
FT Alphaville has many more mentions, usually in connection with Rocket's financials or the food takeaway business.