Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Battling Iran: "Oil Tumbles After Saudis Slash Prices To Europe"

Brent $36.53, down 1.9%, WTI $36.22 down 1.47%.
Following up on this morning's "Oil: Iran Says Plans To Add 1mm Bbl/Day, Won't Harm Markets".

From ZeroHedge:
"The Saudis are preparing for Iran’s return," said Mohamed Sadegh Memarian, who recently retired as the head of petroleum market analysis at Iran’s oil ministry, as they sharply cut the prices they charge for crude oil in Europe (to the biggest discount since Feb 2009). The move that will likely undercut Iran happens as sectarian tensions escalate between the rival Middle Eastern nations. As WSJ reports, the Saudi move appears to pave the way for a competition over European oil markets later this year when Iran is expected to increase its exports after the expected end of western sanctions over its nuclear program.

Saudis have slashed prices with the biggest discount to Europe sionce Feb 2009...
Which has sent crude prices lower...
As The Wall Street Journal reports,
Italy and Spain relied on Iran for 13% and 16% of their oil imports before the European Union banned such purchases under sanctions related to its nuclear program in 2012. Although the country was replaced in the market by Saudi Arabia and other countries such as Russia, Tehran is counting on rekindling those ties when it resumes exports.

Saudi Arabian Oil Co., or Saudi Aramco, the kingdom’s state-owned oil company, didn’t mention the conflict in its news release about the price cuts.