Friday, November 2, 2012

UPDATE-Rochdale: It Was A Rogue Trader Wot Done It (AAPL)

Back to ZeroHedge for the story and a side of snark:

Rochdale AAPLosion Update: It's All The "Rogue Trader's" Fault
Bloomberg has an update on the most amusing story of the day, namely that Rochdale appears to have blown daytrading Apple. And guess what: taking a cue from SocGen, UBS, and JPM, it's all a "rogue trader's" fault. Of course, if the trade had gone the "other way", Rochdale would not be needing a bailout, and the rogue trader would be looking forward to a generous holiday bonus.
  • Rochdale bought more Apple shares than the brokerage’s management intended around the time of the technology company’s Oct. 25 earnings report, two people familiar told Bloomberg’s Hugh Son, Saijel Kishan and Zeke Faux.
  • Rochdale officials told employees a rogue trader amassed the position, one of the people said.
In other words, if you were an underperforming hedge fund who had no choice but to bet the farm on AAPL into earnings (and remember that 230 of your nearest friends had already done so, so there was no greater fool left), congratulations: you are now a rogue trader.

We wonder how many more such "rogue traders" who dabbled in AAPL, and blew up after levering to the hilt in hopes to make their year on AAPL soaring into year end, will emerge before the next week is over...

And just because it feels so good, here it is again, from October 25:

230 Hedge Funds Suddenly Cried Out In Terror And Were Suddenly Silenced...