Thursday, November 29, 2012

They're Young... They're in love... They eat Lard

As one of the few analyst blogs that covers* the grease/tallow/lard complex we attempt to stay au courant with the latest developments.

Sometimes though it is a good idea to pull back for a look at the longer view. Here's lard, ca 1950**:

Here's the Lard Marketing Board website.

*See for example the seminal "A Look at the Tallow/Grease/Lard Complex: Tallow--It's What's for Dinner".
Some Economists Are Worth More Than Their Rendered Fat Will Bring
 Most of them should trade pari passu with the grease/tallow/lard complex.
(Prof. Gintis excepted) 
August 2009 
John Maynard Keynes: Money Manager (Couldn't Trade Lard to Save His Life)
...In a 1983 paper "J.M. Keynes' Investment Performance: A Note" the authors are dubious of his performance, without casting the aspersion that I do in my comment. They on the other hand have a great tidbit:
...Investments in commodities were more substantial. The highest annual gain was for ₤17,000 from September 1936 to August 1937 and the highest annual loss, mainly in lard, for ₤12,600 in the following twelve months...
And many more. Keywords: Keynes or tallow or...

**This version is from a truly disturbing post at Imighthavestolethat:
Retro ads of highly dubious origins