Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Look at the Tallow/Grease/Lard Complex: Tallow--It's What's for Dinner

For whatever reason, I have been attracted to the idea that some folks can make their living off this stuff. Back in March '08 (before we knew what volatility really was) I posted:
Volatility Getting You Down, Bunky?
Maybe it's time you looked into the tallow market.
The tallow/grease/lard complex has been traded for five thousand years:

2992 B.C.
Honey I'm home!
Hi dear, anything new in tallow?
Nope. Same ol', same ol'.

2008 A.D.

Here's a long term forecast for tallow: ______________________________________________
The complex showed up again in "John Maynard Keynes: Money Manager (Couldn't Trade Lard to Save His Life)" (in which I conjecture that he traded on inside information).

This morning, lo and behold, I see two posts at improbable research on tallow and lard:
Edible tallow — It’s what’s for dinner
Though some people mistakenly think tallow is just for making candles and soap, some savvy tallow-makers make edible tallow. In 1982, J.C. Marlow of the Australian firm Advanced Meat Industry Technology Pty., Ltd. wrote a monograph called “Edible Rendering” that contains a section on “Production of Edible Tallow.” The discussion is a bit different from the edible rendering offerings here in the past few days. This image from the report give you a bit of the flavor: