Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"BP alters photos for web site" (BP)

UPDATE: "Cringe: The BP Photoshop Story Just Gets Worse (BP)"
Original post:
This is just sad.*
From the Houston Chronicle's NewsWatch: Energy blog:
A sharp-eyed blogger noticed that a photo on BP's spill response web site had been doctored to make a control room scene appear busier.

AmericaBlog details the lousy photoshop job a BP-hired photographer did to make "The Hive," where BP engineers monitor cameras on the 15 remote controlled submarines that have been used to monitor and work on the sea floor around the failed Macondo well.

The original shot (see below) has a couple of blank screens. That's not so unusual since anyone that's watched the spillcams knows its unusual to have all of them on at once....MORE
*As they say on The Street, If you must Photoshop, Go Iranian or go Home.
From our July 2008 post "Oil: Apparently There's Even More to the Iran Missile Story" :
I may have been premature in posting "Oil: Iran has Photoshop, not afraid to use it"
From a genius, cowicide, via flickr:

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