Friday, July 11, 2008

Oil: Iran has Photoshop, not afraid to use it

Update: "Oil: Apparently There's Even More to the Iran Missile Story".

I swiped that headline from the Waco Tribune. The Guardian asks "Has Iran joined the axis of Photoshop?" As the New York Times put it:

...In a sentiment no doubt echoed by news organizations everywhere, an MSNBC editor acknowledged that the four-missile picture was initially welcomed with open arms. “As the media editor working the home page yesterday, I was frustrated with the quality of a fuzzy video image we published of the Iranian missile launch,” said Rich Shulman, the network’s associate multimedia editor. “So I was thrilled when the top image crossed the news wires.”

Mark Mazzetti contributed reporting from Washington.

Top, the image that Agence France-Presse obtained from Sepah News on Wednesday. Below, another image that The Associated Press received from the same source on Thursday, which appeared to be taken from the same vantage point at almost the same time.

Gizmodo is having a contest:

Use Photoshop to Give Iran Even More Fake Technological Advancements

So I told you this morning about how Iran made its missile test photos look more impressive by adding another missile using the magic of Photoshop. Whatever, we can do better than that. You want to impress us, Iran? Let's see some serious tech power. We'll help. Your challege, Gizmodians, is to use Photoshop to create some sweet Iranian propaganda, showing their technological advancements that are heretofore unseen.

Create images of Iran showing off its new tech, then send your brilliant results to with "Iran Tech" in the subject line. I'll take the best submissions, choose some winners and show off the results in our Gallery of Champions next Tuesday. Get propagandizing!