Friday, July 25, 2008

Traders Slamming GT Solar IPO (SOLR)

From 24/7 Wall Street:
IPO traders and investors are probably wishing they never heard of GT Solar International Inc. (NASDAQ: SOLR). The company fell roughly 12% yesterday but that is just the start of it. Right after the open today we are seeing an unbelievable drop of more than 30%. We questioned the timing of this one yesterday, but apparently not enough.
It seems that the entire share sale being by the parent company isn't a recipe that traders and investors are going to endorse even if it is supposed to be a hot solar power provider. The underwriters were listed as Credit Suisse, UBS, Banc of America, Deutsche Bank, Piper Jaffray, and Thomas Weisel Partners. Their legal departments are probably getting ready for some calls today. At 9:37 AM EST we have seen some 3.3 million shares trade and the last print was down 34% at $9.54....

A cumulative 42% loss. That, kids, is a busted IPO.