Thursday, July 31, 2008

Spain to cut speed limit in bid to reduce oil imports, Kansas May Follow

You know the old political maxim, "As goes Madrid, so goes Topeka".
(or is it "As goes Guam so goes Samoa"? [but only in primaries])
From The Guardian:

Spain has launched an ambitious plan to reduce energy consumption and save millions of euros on oil imports by cutting the speed limit to 50mph and handing out millions of low-energy use light bulbs.

With the introduction of a broad swathe of measures between now and 2014, Spain's socialist government hopes to reduce Spain's oil imports by 10% per year, cutting consumption by 44m barrels and saving €4.14bn (£3.25bn).

During the country's sweltering summers, air conditioning systems in public buildings will be set no lower than 26C (79F). In winter, Spaniards will be allowed to turn the heating no higher than 21C (70F), with hospitals being the only exception....MORE

From the Kansas City Star's prime buzz blog:

Will Kansas drive 65?

Roll back Kansas’ speed limit to 65?

That’s the suggestion from a government task force looking for ways the state can shrink its carbon footprint....

...The speed limit idea is actually one of several the task force studied. Here's a list of their full recommendations:

Kansas Energy Council

Greenhouse Gas Policy Committee

Preliminary Policy Recommendations for Discussion with full Council on 8/13/08...