Monday, July 28, 2008

First Solar to Beat and Raise, Market Yawns (FSLR)

UPDATE below
At least that's what the stock was saying today. Up $4.44 on a down 2% day. They report after the close Wednesday.
Sometimes it seems that the action is singing to you.
Note the sweet moves of the youthful Mr. Ahearn, before he is directed by counsel to resume insider sales.
Here's We Got the Beat

Remember that we have seen three reports* that were followed by downticks and believe it is the new trend in solar. "Evergreen Solar Q2 In Line, But Shrs Fall On Light Outlook (ESLR)"

ESLR- in line
MEMC- swing and a miss.
All three down. As grandmother used to say "Secular bear markets aren't just about declines [although they can be doozies], they're also about multiple contraction."

"Grandma, what's a doozie?"

Update: Here's a headline from Tech Trader Daily, great minds and all that:

July 28, 2008, 7:26 pm
Atheros: Beat-And-Raise Qtr; Stk Off On Margin Worries