Friday, July 25, 2008

Oil-"SemGroup: It Gets So Much Worse"

From DealBreaker:

hootersgirl.jpgYou might've thought you didn't give a rat's ass about the collapse of energy trader SemGroup but that changes now. According to Reuters, three "massage clinics," eight funeral homes, two Hooters establishments and a pawnshop that "specializes in gold jewelry" are among the companies owed tens of millions of dollars by the (voluntarily) bankrupt company.

Pawnbroker among creditors in oil trader collapse [Reuters]

Bringing to mind the Retirement Planning division of said restaurant:
"Bill Gate's and the Retirement Planning Team"

I'm not sure who the guy in the red sweater is, probably an actuary
or something.

By the way, here's the real retirement video. I know, I thought the CES vid was real.
HT (on the real retirement video): Gizmodo