Friday, July 23, 2010

"Boone Pickens unceremoniously drops wind from his energy plan"

We've had some posts on this hombre.*
Boone Pickens is such a slut whore.
Going back to the Mesa days, it's always been about the money.

When his investment vehicle, BP Capital Management was getting its ass kicked because of Boone's wrong-headed calls on hydrocarbons he said the purchase of 667 turbines from GE was "delayed".
I wonder if that was ever the plan in the first place, or if he was just playing the alt/eco/green zeitgeist of 2007-8.

There are a whole bunch of turbines that may be coming on the market, and some lawsuits too.

From the Texas Observer:

R.I.P. Pickens Plan 
For two years, Boone Pickens has been getting millions of dollars’ worth of criticism-free media exposure for the Pickens Plan – his much-praised blueprint for achieving “energy independence” within a decade.
He’ll drop a few homespun sayings and scribble on his whiteboard, and the suckers are eating out of his hands.
Don’t believe me? Check out this embarrassing account of media elites from Skip Hollandsworth’s article on Pickens in the September 2008 issue of Texas Monthly (the one with the cover of Pickens striking the Giant pose):
On Good Morning America, after he spouted off one of his well-known Booneisms, as he refers to his folksy sayings, he told host Chris Cuomo about America's existing energy policies, "A fool with a plan is better than a genius with no plan, and we look like fools without a plan." Cuomo unabashedly shook his head in admiration and said to Diane Sawyer, "What a great line." (Sawyer later added. "I just like to say, 'T. Boone'!")
During his CNBC appearance, anchor Becky Quick, who was wearing an orange scarf around her neck in homage to Boone's alma mater, Oklahoma State University (the other CNBC anchor was wearing an orange tie), asked him if he would consider making an independent run for president or be a candidate for vice president. ("No, Becky," he chortled.)
And when he finished his press conference at the Palace Hotel, some of the reporters actually burst into applause. A bearded young television cameraman in shorts said to Boone just before he walked out of the room, "Wow, like, what can I do to get my car to run on natural gas right now?"
Actually, Forbes did Cuomo, Quick and the applauding reporters one better: The magazine tagged along with Pickens while he got a brain scan in order “to find out how a billionaire really thinks.”
So where were all these media fanboys when Pickens last week unceremoniously dumped wind power from his plan?...MORE
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