Wednesday, August 6, 2008

T. Boone Pickens Gets Hammered From the Left and the Right (Coasts)

The fellow we linked to in "T. Boone Pickens and Power Politics-Texas Style", Tokyo Tom, may have a slight leftward tilt:
...greased by corrupt Republican legislators in Texas...
and had the class to Hat Tip someone who seems pretty right, the proprietor of JunkScience:
h/t Steven Milloy (it is a bit interesting that FOX, who was a big fan of Pickens when he funded the Swift Boaters, seems to be turning aginst him now.)
Now Mr. Pickens gets it from both the Wall Street Journal (HT: Environmental Capital) and the Los Angeles Times (HT: Planet Gore).
From the WSJ:
Boone Doggle

Boone Pickens may be a fine man, and has played a colorful and useful role on the American stage for decades. But his "energy plan," which he's spending a fortune to promote on cable TV, is not a plan.

Asserting that something would be good to do is not "a plan." Saying how to do it is "a plan." By this standard, what the legendary oil man is devoting $58 million to pitch hardly amounts to a decent slogan....MORE

And from the LAT:

A boon for Pickens, not for America

At a time of economic decline and record-high gas prices, there is something refreshing in an oilman turning into one of the nation's leading advocates of renewable energy. This could explain why T. Boone Pickens' multibillion-dollar efforts to reduce America's oil dependence and develop clean energy have garnered so muchpublic attention.

Pickens is right to suggest that America's oil dependence is a source of economic ruin and that Congress must act to stop the biggest transfer of wealth in human history. But Pickens stands to benefit from his own campaign -- and his proposal could do more damage than good to U.S. energy security....MORE