Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Clean Coal's $2 Mil. Ad Blitz and Vestas' $100 Mil. Campaign

I knew I should have gone into advertising.
From the Center for Public Integrity:
Convention-goers in Denver and St. Paul won’t be able to miss the $2 million advertising blitz planned by businesses promoting “clean coal” as key to the nation’s energy future. But chances are, the politicians flying in from the nation’s capital are already well aware of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity’s message. A Center for Public Integrity analysis shows that the newly formed group spent $4.7 million on lobbying so far this year — more than any other organization that described itself in disclosure forms as devoted exclusively to influencing climate change legislation....MORE
From Dow Jones via CNN Money:

Vestas Launches $100 Million Consumer Ad Campaign In U.S.
Maker of wind turbines Vestas Wind Systems A/S is advertising in the New Yorker magazine, but the company doesn't expect you to put its hundred-ton machines on your shopping list.

Instead, the world's largest seller of wind turbines sees the need to raise Americans' awareness of wind energy's potential. To that end, Vestas budgeted $ 100 million for the next two years to bring its "Vestas, No. 1 in Modern Energy" campaign to U.S. living rooms, company Chief Executive Ditlev Engel told Clean Technology Insight.

(This story also appeared in Clean Technology Insight, a daily newsletter published by Dow Jones & Co.)

This is the first year that the company has come out with consumer-targeted ads that will run in print, online, on the radio and on television.

"We want to show people: Here's technology you have but don't use," Engel said....MORE