Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Trinity: Value play in wind power (TRN)

From BloggingStocks:
"Around the globe, wind-generating capacity has been expanding at a rapid 30% clip in recent years," notes value investor Nathan Slaughter, who adds, "And 2008 is already shaping up to be even better."

The editor of Half-Priced Stocks looks at industrial product firm Trinity Industries (NYSE: TRN), explaining, "The company's most promising division is involved in the production of structural wind towers." Here's the advisor's of the latest addition to his "deep-discount' model portfolio....

..."It comes as no surprise to hear that $36 billion will be spent on wind generating equipment this year. I see Trinity as a great way to participate.

"Trinity is a top supplier of several different industrial product lines, including railroad cars, highway girders, inland cargo barges, and propane tanks -- all of which happen to be doing pretty well at the moment.

"However, the firm has a large and growing stake in wind towers. The company is among a handful of recognized leaders in the market for these giant tubes....MORE