Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cringe: The BP Photoshop Story Just Gets Worse (BP)

When I linked to "BP alters photos for web site" (BP) on Tuesday my first comment was "This is just sad".
NewsWatch: Energy reports another BP Photoshop:

BP photoshopped another picture
...Well today, the folks over at Gizmodo have pointed out another BP photoshop job -- this time on an image showing a view of the oil spill site from the cockpit of a helicopter....
...Gizmodo points out that the air traffic control tower in the upper left hand side of the picture probably shouldn't be there if the helicopter is flying over the well site. The water also changes colors, blurs and cuts off one of the vessels as it moves from the left toward the middle.

Zooming in on the dash of the helicopter, Gizmodo notes that the readouts indicate the door and ramp are open and the parking brake is on. The pilot also appears to be holding the pre-flight checklist....MORE
The intent to deceive combined with the sloppiness and incompetence could pretty much serve as a metaphor, eh what?