Monday, November 19, 2012

Drumbeats: "Shell, Swiss Re want ‘unambiguous price on carbon’" (RDS)

From The Hill's E2 blog:
Over 100 corporations including Royal Dutch Shell, food and consumer products giant Unilever, and the big re-insurer Swiss Re called Monday for a “clear, transparent and unambiguous price on carbon emissions.”
Their joint statement arrives ahead of the next round of United Nations climate talks in Doha, Qatar, that gets under way in late November.

“The private sector invests trillions of dollars into energy and other infrastructure projects, but, in most cases the goal of reducing [greenhouse gas] emissions does not guide such spending. A more effective approach is required, one that provides the right incentives to shift this private investment and makes best use of the limited pool of public funds,” states the “carbon price communiqué” released Monday....MORE
From the Communique:
...Who produced The Communiqué?
To ensure we build the biggest possible movement of enlightened business voices behind this call, the Corporate Leaders Group is working in association with the Corporate Leaders Network for Climate Action and with contributions from the World Business Council on Sustainable Development, and the International Emissions Trading Association.
The IETA doesn't really want an unambiguous price such as a tax. They want to trade carbon with the opportunity to skim bid/ask spreads, charge commissions, prop trade, rig markets etc.
Let's try the carbon tax-with-100%-rebate, eh boys?

Do You Hear the Carbon Tax Drumbeat?