Friday, November 2, 2012

"Spot Where AAPL Snaps 200 DMA, Sending Stocks Sliding" (AAPL; QQQ)

Speaking of 200 day moving averages.
AAPL down 2.48% at $ 581.76, QQQ $65.41 off  7/10%.
From ZeroHedge:
Moments ago AAPL broke the 200 DMA. Whether or not this was due to the earlier news from Rochdale getting caught with its pants down, and supposedly losing tons of money due to a rogue trader "buying" the stock as its proceeded to tumble from its all time highs less then 45 days ago (during which time it has lost more than 10 years worth of dividends in market cap), is unclear. What is quite clear, is the moment when the general market realized what had just happened. Sure enough, the jobs number came and want, and ES largely faded that move in under an hour. It remains to be seen if a technical indicator for the world's most widely held stock is more important to the general stock market than how many 60 year old workers the US economy added in October. Oh, and as for that whole iPad mini launch spectacle? Sorry. Time for the iPad Mini Magnum launch... or maybe even the maxiPad.

And now the question is: will the NY Fed step in, or will an early session of margin call override anything Kevin Henry et al can do, and let the selling finally commence, testing 1400 in ES one more time?