Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Algaen Gothic

With the drought showing no sign of breaking it might be time to reconsider some ideas from the recent past.

Back in 2008 algae was going to fuel the world.
It didn't happen but scientists at Solarzyme decided they could repurpose their algae into the foodstream with the tagline "Cooking up better foods with microalgae". Not exactly Super-Bowl-ad creative but straightforward. Turns out Soylent Green may not have to be people after all.

All that intro was an excuse to run one of my favorite American Gothic parodies, first purloined on June 11, 2008:

"Yup, I used to raise corn for ethanol. But then the topsoil blew away and I couldn't even get enough juice to run my tractor or get drunk on Saturday. Then this stranger came to town. Ordered something called a 'la-tay' and called himself a 'vee-cee.' Said he'd give me $20 million to come to Californee and herd algae. So we packed up our furniture in his little toy car and came west. Now I've got a regular bonanza of the slimy critters and the kids got shoes. Hain't looked over my shoulder back east since."

Of course one has to beware that Sand Hill Road doesn't change you too much.

Sincere apologies to the executors of the Grant Wood estate.