Tuesday, September 25, 2012

For the Oligarch Who Has Everything: A Porsche That's Not Just Armored

From Jalopnik via Tecca (Your Lifestyle Plugged In):
It's not unusual for high-end, high-profile clients to request their luxury vehicles be armored to withstand the occasional bullet or two. But this armored Porsche Cayenne is anything but usual: Not only can it can it stand up to a hail of bullets, it can return fire better than a small army.

This particular Porsche was built for an Eastern European client who wishes to remain nameless. But not satisfied with merely having a vehicle with a strong defense, the client demanded that the luxury vehicle be outfitted with serious offensive firepower. The Cayenne has two forward-facing semi-automatic M16 rifles, a third M16 in the rear, and two mine launchers.

If you want to see this $160,000 Porsche in action, the folks over at the Discovery Channel show Sons of Guns took it out for a spin and put it up against a helicopter. Sure, it's far from the most expensive vehicle we've ever seen, but man, does it blow up a helicopter nice.