Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Palladio is Turning Over in His Tomb

And a fine tomb it is.*
I saw the story yesterday under the FT Alphaville headline "Crispin Odeyous".
It wasn't until I saw the DealBreaker link to the Telegraph that I realized what a pig this guy is:
UK Hedge Fund Manager Sets Unreachably High Bar With Resplendent Private Residence For Chicken Friends
…Odey has upped the ante for poultry accommodation – he’s building a temple for his chickens for which the stone alone costs £130,000. The Palladian-style chicken house, designed by Christopher Smallwood Architects, has won planning approval from the Forest of Dean District Council...
...(For those who can appreciate the news without worrying about what it’s going to cost them, here’s a blueprint of the chicken mansion, courtesy of FT Alphaville):

Crispin Odey’s chickens come home to (a luxury) roost [Telegraph via FT Alphaville]
*And the lives of all deep-pocketed animal owners thinking a bedroom and half-bath are gonna cut it.

Here's one of my fav Palladian buildings, a shack that Count Girolamo Chiericati commissioned from Palladio:

Palladio's Palazzo Chiericati in Vicenza

Somehow it doesn't seem as grand when compared with the chicken coop.

*Here's the tomb:
Andrea Palladio