Friday, September 28, 2012

UBS: "U.S.A. Wins In Beer Affordability Index"

Knowing there are some who question whether the American product should even be called beer and aware that, with this being the start of the second weekend of Oktoberfest, I am probably calling the Bavarian version of a Fatwah down on myself, here's Reason's Hit&Run blog:

UBS Bank gets set for Oktoberfest with a chart of beer affordability around the world. Using median income figures and prices for a pint, the chart calculates how long the Average Jose has to work in various countries to buy some suds. Raise your glass and chant "U.S.A.! U.S.A.!"

Cost of a beer in hours worked.

The Economist, where this chart appears, never seemed like a magazine for inexpensive beer drinkers. Nevertheless, they may be overstating the price-per-hour slightly....MUCH MORE
No fatwahs here (although the guy on the right is a bit chubby):

Young men and women toast after getting their first beer on the opening day of Oktoberfest in Munich, on September 22, 2012. (Reuters/Kai Pfaffenbach)