Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Climateer Line of the Day: Our First Co-Winners Edition!

And oddly enough they were both in link posts.
As I was doing my Solomon schtick, debating how to divide the prestigious CLoD, I was reminded of a line from Grandmama:

"When you have five children you don't divide the love, you multiply"*

Here are today's co-winners:

And private investors are behaving like baboons in a warehouse full of plastic bananas
Monsanto is the most evil company, despite the intense competition. 

*Other things Grandmother told me:

"Secular bear markets aren't just about declines [although they can be doozies], they're also about multiple contraction."

"If it's not one tham ding it's another"

"If the initial condition given is 'The sky is falling', your course of action would be to short sky, try the eggplant"

"You have an amazing grasp of the obvious"